MIND STUFF by Paul Hallas DVD

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MIND STUFF by Paul Hallas DVD
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Diese 2 DVDs sind ein Muss für jeden Mentalisten. Hier werden die viele Grundlagen und Routinen der Mentalmagie gezeigt und erklärt. (englisch)

Paul Hallas has a gift. He calls himself an “alternative psychological entertainer”. Watch as Hallas mesmerizes his audiences with intriguing mind reading experiments, using their own uninfluenced thoughts. After the performance, Hallas provides a complete explanation for each effect. Find out if you, too, have the gift!

Material featured on this DVD includes:

50/50 Opener

The Hunger

Picture Pefect

Future Keys

Number Force Plus

Three Phase Routine

Total Recall


Mediumistic Book Test


The Dead Zone

Battle of the Sexes

Prediction in Millions


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